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Did you mean recursion?

1 min read

Recursion @ Google A neat joke by google... If you don't get it, well, then you don't get it. Try looking up Recursion 🙂

New Beginnings

1 min read

After about two years of working in a contractor capacity at Societe Generale, I have been hired by the bank. It became official on April 14th, 2008. I am now working as a Desktop Engineer for the Desktop Technical Services group. So if RBW is ignored for a while, it's

Brainworks Randomized!

1 min read

Welcome to Random Brainworks. Random Brainworks is the latest reincarnation of my personal blog which used to reside on http://nasir.us. However, this website is using Drupal 6.0 for its backend. The main goal of this website is&... well, there is no main goal. I will be