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Using Images in app_offline.htm

2 min read

It is often desirable to put a website in maintenance mode. The can help ensure that clients do not access the website while new code is being deployed or changes to other components are being done. ASP.NET (starting with 2.0) provides a very convenient way to put an

Did you mean recursion?

1 min read

Recursion @ Google [] A neat joke by google... If you don't get it, well, then you don't get it. Try looking up Recursion [] 🙂

New Beginnings

1 min read

After about two years of working in a contractor capacity at Societe Generale, I have been hired by the bank. It became official on April 14th, 2008. I am now working as a Desktop Engineer for the Desktop Technical Services group. So if RBW is ignored for a while, it&

Brainworks Randomized!

1 min read

Welcome to Random Brainworks. Random Brainworks is the latest reincarnation of my personal blog which used to reside on However, this website is using Drupal 6.0 [] for its backend. The main goal of this website is&... well, there is no main